Mamma Dog Hid Her Most Precious Treasures In A Flooding Tunnel, Now Rescuers Have To Work Fast

Mama Dog had dug a long tunnel in the ground in an attempt to keep her puppies safe.

What might have been a smart move almost proved fatal for her little family when the rain started pelting down.

Luckily, someone alerted the  Michigan Humane Society about the pending emergency situation for the young family and soon, rescuers were on the scene with shovels and traps.

They even captured the dramatic rescue live…

live with MHS rescue

Posted by Michigan Humane Society on Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Humane society staff members Chris and Pam filmed their rescue efforts on Facebook live so we could all watch the daring rescue!

The first five puppies were fairly easy to pull from the potential death trap. The rest proved a real challenge.

The tunnel was much deeper and longer than anyone would have expected, and the scared puppies were huddled together as far back as they could go.

One by one, Chris managed to grab the puppies and pull them from a previously safe home that was quickly turning into a chamber of death.

The roof of the tunnel began to weaken as the ground got more and more saturated with water.

It took an agonizing 30 minutes before rescuers could be sure they had pulled the last puppy out of the mud.

The final tally was 11 puppies to take to the shelter to get cleaned up and vet-checked!

The rescue team was thrilled when they were able to trap Mama Dog and take her along as well.

They had worked really hard to keep the little family alive and together. Now, Mama Dog completed the set!

The Michigan Humane Society has reported that the little family has been cleaned, fed, and are doing well.

It will be a few weeks before they’re ready to be adopted but hopefully, their forever homes are just around the corner!

Source: I Heart Dogs

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Written by Bobbye Hudspeth

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