Man posts picture of new dog on internet – what the police did next might surprise you

You always have to be careful what you post.

Pit Bulls have received a bad rap.

Sure, they can be among the most aggressive of dog breeds, but this is almost always when they have been trained to be aggressive.

By nature, pit bulls are one of the sweetest, gentlest of dog breeds. They make great pets for homeowners, children and even serve as protection for their beloved families.

Musician Dan Tillery knew how kind pit bulls can be, so he decided to adopt one into his family.

He was so happy to welcome this newest family member that he promptly took the picture below of himself with Diggy. That’s when the problems started.


A Facebook “friend” recognized Diggy as a pit bull and notified the police.

Owning a pit bull is illegal in Michigan where Tillery lived. Police showed up at Tillery’s door and took Diggy into custody. Tillery fought back.

He quickly began researching the laws of the state and learned more about his own precious pooch. He realized that Michigan, like many states, has breed specific legislation.

In this case, the legislation prohibited the ownership of pit bulls. But Tillery also learned more about Diggy’s family tree.

Most importantly, he learned that while Diggy resembles a pit bull, he was actually an American bulldog.

Tiller also learned that the police officers were not legally allowed to identify a dog breed.

Since they had done just that when they removed Diggy from Tillery’s home, the police and not Tillery had been in violation of the law.

It took some time, but Diggy did return home…officially an American bulldog.

Thankfully, Diggy’s story has a happy ending. But until people are better educated about pit bulls and other breeds similar in appearance, many dogs who would make great additions to families may suffer solely due to human ignorance.

What do you think? Do you see the resemblance between pit bulls and American bulldogs? What can be done to help other dogs have happy endings like Diggy’s?

Source: Honest To Paws

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