Marley Acts like a Typical Pooch — No One Has the Heart to Tell Him He’s a Sheep

Marley loves dog treats, walks nicely on a leash, and does tricks. Everything one would expect from a dog. Except, well, Marley is anything but.

Ali Vaughan adopted Marley when he was just one month old, and he has become a member of the family.

He hangs out with his black lab brother, Jess, and they have really bonded.

Apparently so much so, that Marley has picked up on Jess’ traits, which is fine when you bring a new dog into the home, but there’s just one problem.

Marley is not a dog!

Marley is a sheep, and no, we don’t mean sheepdog. He acts like a dog and has no ‘sheep traits’ at all other than his looks.

Marley likes the indoor life, you see. He doesn’t like grass, rain, or being outside much at all.

Ali knew she had to do something to fix that, though, because Marley is not very well house trained.

A sheep friend

So she got Marley a sheep friend, a brown Ryeland named Bear so that he would have a wooly pal to teach him some ‘sheep stuff’.

“We do have a barn where he should be staying where it is nice and cozy,” Ali said.

Marley is doing his best to get in touch with his inner sheepness, but he still wants in the house. He’ll dart in any chance he gets.

But he’s adjusting little by little, and the family, along with Jess are spending a lot of time outside with him to help ease the transition.

You can do it, Marley!

Check him out in the v ideo below:

Source: I Heart Dogs

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