Missing A Year, Koda’s Family Assumed The Worse Until They Got A Very Long Distance Phone Call!

One day a Kansas City couple let their husky, Aspen, out into their fenced backyard just like they had done a million times before.

They waited the usual amount of time, and opened the door to let him back inside.

Aspen came bounding in through the doorway, which was his usual habit. But, it’s what he brought with him that was a surprise to his owners.

It was another husky. And not just any husky, but a soaking wet, skin-and-bones husky.

They quickly got him bathed, dried, and fed. Then they headed off to the vet to see if he had a microchip.

They were in luck, he did. But, what the chip had to tell them was a complete shock.

I Heart Dogs reports: A microchip check at the local vet revealed that their mystery guest had a name (Koda) and a family who had been missing him for nearly a year.

Most shocking of all, Koda was almost a thousand miles and four states from home!

How Koda came to be so far from home is still a mystery, but it certainly seems he chose the right yard to climb into!

Hopefully his family in New Mexico can shed some light on this amazing story when they are reunited next month.

Despite his ordeal, Koda is surprisingly healthy and unharmed. His story is a reminder that microchipping is an important safeguard all pet owners should consider.

What an amazing story! That Koda had made it as far as four states away from home and hadn’t been killed or hurt by animal abusers is unbelievable.

And, now he was going to make it back to his family safe and sound, all thanks to a husky loving couple he happened to stumble upon.

The couple still doesn’t understand how Koda got into their fenced-in backyard. But, hey after traveling over a thousand miles, getting past a fence was probably a slice of cake for this amazing dog.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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Written by Margo Phillips

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