Home Alone, This Mom Was Stunned To Hear Noise From The Bathroom, When She found Out Why, She Lunged For Her Camera

If you’ve got a toddler or a pet, you know how hard it can be to get through bath time. Seems that kids and dogs and cats get attached to their dirt and don’t want that awful clean water washing it away.

Sometimes it’s impossible to even trick a pet into going to the bathroom for a bath. They end up being wrestled into an impromptu shower beneath the water hose in the backyard.

The internet is filled with videos of kids and pets going to extreme measures to avoid getting into the bath or shower. And once they are there, they react as if they were being sprayed with poison instead of soap and water.

California pet mom Ursula Liv has no idea what that would be like. See, she has a hard time keeping her kid out of the tub.

Recently Liv was home alone when she heard water running upstairs. The hair on the back of her neck stood up, she knew there was no one else in the house.

She took her phone with her in case she was faced with a life-threatening situation so she could call 911. That wasn’t what she ended up using the phone for though.

Instead of finding another human she found Lena—her water-loving rottweiler. Lena had managed to operate the faucet and was proudly standing under the spray.

Liv backed out before Lena knew she’d been caught and then videoed everything from opening the door to Lena’s blissful expression standing beneath the spray.

What are you doing, Lena?” she asked, unable to contain her laughter. “Are you taking a shower?”

She captured Lena giving her a big, happy grin when she realized she’d been caught. Then tilting her head up to catch the spray on her snout.

She stayed in the tub, flicking her tongue out happily, until Liv told her it was time to get out.

The video quickly went viral. Most people can’t imagine a dog that actually enjoys bathtime!

Liv told the Daily Mail that Lena will open the bathroom door and jump into the tub with you if you try to take a little bath without her. If you close the door behind yourself, she will simply open it and come on in. That’s a far cry from the dogs that will stretch themselves across the top of the tub, balanced precariously on the thin porcelain lip, just to avoid touching the water.

That’s certainly far different from the dogs that will seemingly levitate as they’re lowered into the water.

Lena’s star is still climbing. She was featured on the Rachel Ray show, as part of Rachel’s viral video contest. 

Yep, she happily showered on stage to prove to all the naysayers that the video wasn’t a fake.

Check it out for yourself:

I’ll bet a lot of dog parents (and those with human kids) used that video to ask their pets and kids “Why can’t you be more like Lena?”

Source: The Epoch Times

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