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NYC Subway Banned Dogs Unless They Fit in a Bag — So New Yorkers Hilariously Comply

Dogs are banned in New York City’s famous subway unless they can fit in a bag or carrier. This isn’t a problem for small or medium-sized dogs, of course. However, for owners of big dogs in this city, things become a little more complicated.

As you can see from the Imgur post above, though, owners have risen to the challenge.

Subway pups

Somehow New Yorkers have responded in the most “New York” way possible. They figured out how to train even the biggest pooches to fit inside a duffle bag or a backpack,, and Reshareworthy report. Wow.

Some dogs get to watch the world go by.

Some “bags” appear to have legs. This adorable pooch appears to be subway ready.

Some dogs get to hang out. Like this adorable Boston terrier.

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Backpack Boston! #subwaydog #subwaydogs #doginabag

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Some owners prefer backpacks

This pit bull is all in the bag.

This cute Shiba Inu is also tucked away nicely for their subway trip.

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Traveling in style

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This husky looks comfy in his bag.

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And how about this adorable little blue-eyed champion right here?

This pooch, who has very soulful eyes, fits just fine in their subway travel bag.

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This big dog, who is ready to hit the town with his dad.

This Frenchie, who’s comfy in a sport sack

Here’s a beagle who’s all dressed up and ready to go on a subway ride.

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Some dog owners are trendsetters

This snazzy schnauzer looks cozy and adorable.

These dog owners rose to the challenge and found some pretty cool ways to flout authority without getting in trouble. And gave us all a good laugh.

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