Sad Orphan Puppy Starts Crying, Then A Momma Cat Rushes Over And…This Is So Heartbreaking!

Dogs and cats don’t get along.

At least, that’s what all the platitudes, anecdotes, folktales, and cliches tell us.

But animal lovers know there are countless examples of cats and dogs getting along. Sometimes, they even do amazing things for each other.

This is one of the latter examples and frankly, it’s one of the most heartwarming things you will ever see.

Seriously. Even if you watch stuff like this all day, chances are you haven’t stumbled across anything THIS beautiful in quite some time:

A mother cat hears the cry of a very sad animal.

That animal is a tiny orphan puppy, who is obviously all alone in the big scary world.

The attentive cat doesn’t ignore the cries of distress; quite the contrary, in fact. Her mother’s instinct kicks in immediately!

She runs over and quickly scoops up the helpless puppy, carrying him in her mouth as she would one of her own kittens.

She walks with him for a bit, then sets him gently down at her feet and the two have a brief nuzzling session.

It really is something special and makes you wonder why the “cats hates dogs” myth continues to prevail.

More videos like this need to show up online, we say.

We also say:

A mother’s instinct is a mother’s instinct. Species is irrelevant. ūüėČ

Source: We Love Animals

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