Owner Frantic Louie Is Missing…She Finds Him Exhausted With A Mysterious Note On His Collar

It explains everything…

When your dog disappears, you’re worried.

When he suddenly returns, you’re overjoyed…but you have to wonder:

Where the heck did he go and what sort of trouble did he get into?

That’s exactly what Marolyn Diver was thinking when her sheepdog Louie went missing one afternoon.

She searched high and low for Louie but she couldn’t find him. She was starting to get worried when lo and behold…

Yup, the loyal dog came trotting home all on his own.

But where had he been? Had he caused any problems? Was he hurt? He did appear to be quite tired.

Well, Marolyn would soon find out because she noticed a note pinned to Louie’s collar.

Surprised, she unfastened the note and read the message, written by a neighbor named Rob:

Louie is the hero of the day. He led me to Maddy in distress stuck under a branch pile.

Cheers, Rob.

Rob is a farmer who lives nearby and his dog Maddy had also gone missing that day and Rob was very concerned.

But Louie showed up at exactly the right moment and was able to locate the lost pup! Maddy had been trapped under some wood.

And not only did the helpful dog find Rob’s furry friend, Louie also helped Rob remove branches and soil that kept Maddy from escaping.

Rob was understandably happy and so, as a thank you, he pinned that wonderful note to Louie’s collar.

Louie then returned home to Marilyn, exhausted but proudly showing off his laudatory letter.

And by the way, Louie and Maddy are now great friends!

Talk about a beautiful ending. 😉

Source: We Love Animals

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