Paralyzed from Abuse — This Little Pug Wasn’t About to Let Anything Get Him Down

This animal was abused so badly, it left him paralyzed. Watch, however, as Frankie transforms and inspires everyone around him through his determination not to let those evil people bring him down!


Frankie was lying on a garage floor, broken and spiritless.

Like too many dogs, he had suffered under the heavy yoke of abuse, and he had sustained multiple injuries.

What was to become of such an adorable but damaged little canine? Was he destined to live in pain and fear?

Well, The Pug Queen had just one answer to that: Not on my watch!

Izabella St. James has been lovingly dubbed The Pug Queen, as she’s dedicated much of her life to saving adorable pugs.

The pug queen!

So when a friend alerted her to little Frankie’s terrible condition, she just couldn’t say no.

And when she first laid eyes on the poor pup, her heart broke — this little guy needed medical attention immediately.

Only 4 months old, Frankie was in bad shape; as St. James told The Dodo:

I took him to my vet to do some scans and testing and X-rays, and [the vet] told me that not only was his pelvis broken, but his hips were broken, his femur was shattered and his knees were out of place,” St. James said.

“He also had a break in his front leg and a major ulcer in his eye.”

Apparently, Frankie had belonged to some backyard breeder but he was badly mistreated and just left in the garage.

Oh no!

The vet believes that due to the extent of the dog’s injuries, it was likely that the abusive owners had actually run over Frankie with a vehicle.

Sadly, he may never walk properly again. But St. James isn’t about to give up.

She plans to get her new friend a wheelchair and he must also undergo another surgery. In the meantime, though, Frankie is rarin’ to go.

Izabella puts Frankie into doggy pajamas and socks to protect his injured legs and skin, and the pup flies all over the place!


He just wants to be a normal pug,” St. James said.

He wants to get out and play with the others. He tries so hard to be part of the group.

Frankie has even earned the nickname, “The Supervisor,” because he wants to be in the middle of all the doggie action.

As for the future, his new owner will do everything in her power to restore as much of Frankie’s mobility as possible.

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