Parrot Hears His Favorite Song, Feels The Beat And Just Can’t Help Himself!

This is so funny…

When a family is researching the possibility of getting a new pet, they typically look at cats, dogs, small mammals and maybe even reptiles.

But many people often overlook one of the most lovable and talented pets of all: birds.

Many birds can be as affectionate or more so than many mammals. Birds can be trained to do tricks, will often sit on your shoulder, arm or hand and often love to be gently stroked.

Of course, there are also some breeds of birds who are capable of mimicking human sounds.

Ollie is an African Gray Parrot who is known for being quite the musician. He dances, ruffles his feathers and seems to move to the beat of the music he hears.

But the real show starts when Ollie starts singing.

One of his people can be heard playing the piano in the background. Ollie hears the tune, bobs to the beat and then begins whistling along right in tune and in step with the piano.

Some people think that behaviors such as this are evidence of the intelligence of birds, particularly parrots.

Others argue that it is simply a mimicking behavior. Either way, there is no doubt that this parrot has the uncanny ability to hear a note and copy it perfectly.

Most people cannot play music by ear as well as this parrot can. What do you think? Is he one smart parrot or just one great copycat?

Watch this video and let us know what you think.

Source: Pawpulous

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