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They Saved Her Life and Now Penguin the Magpie Is a Valued Member of This Australian Family

Her name is Penguin but she’s actually an Australian magpie. She’s a wild bird who’s made her home with the Bloom family after they rescued her when she was a baby.

Penguin relaxing in a family photo. Screenshot courtesy of MailOnline.

These intelligent black-and-white birds are as common as pigeons and are often found living along the country’s urban streets, ABCNews reports. And even though she’s a wild bird, Penguin is quite at home with the Bloom family.

Penguin isn’t a penguin but she’s colored like one

Penguin was rescued after falling out of her nest, said Cameron Bloom, a professional photographer. His son Noah found the baby on the ground in 2013. On the blog Penguin the Magpie, Cameron Bloom noted:

“Penguin was just a small, wobbly-headed magpie chick when my son Noah, found her lying injured on the grass after being blown out of her nest, located some 20 meters (65 feet) up in a towering Norfolk Island pine tree. She was lucky to survive such a horrendous fall, but without immediate care would have died within a day.”

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Grumpy teenagers.

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Family members fed her food and water through a syringe and she gained strength. After about five months, little Penguin was able to fly from the lounge to the computer.

After a few more week she was able to fly outside.

She is quite a source of happiness for the Blooms because she always comes back. Family members don’t see her as a pet, rather, they see her as a wild creature who loves to spend time with them. And now she’s the star of her own Instagram page. Where she has more than 170,000 followers.

And Penguin is quite photogenic

And the Bloom family, which includes mom Sam, and kids Rueben, Noah, and Oli are quite used to her hanging around their Newport home on Sydney’s northern beaches, MailOnline reports.

Penguin likes to help the kids get ready for school in the mornings, or have a snuggle in bed when it’s raining. She also loves to share meals with the family. She is indeed one friendly magpie!

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Love mum's spaghetti xx

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No one knows why Penguin loves toothpaste, but she does, says Cameron Bloom. She always loves to look inside the kids; mouths when toothbrushing time comes along. Photo by Cameron Bloom via ABCNews.

“The kids love her like a pet dog and it’s just become so normal having her around,” Bloom notes. “She loves to sing for us when she’s around the house and likes to fly onto your head or sit next to you and nibble on your ear.”

What’s really adorable about this little magpie is that sometimes she really is like a dog. She loves to run down the hallway in the mornings and snuggle in bed with the parents or the kids.

Seriously, how cute is that?

It’s kind of like Penguin owns the better half of two lives — when she’s not being playful inside, she spends a good part of her day outside hunting. What’s not to love about that? And it seems like for her, once the kids come home from school, it’s party time.

“She flaps her wings with excitement when the kids come home from school and loves to eat with us as well,” Bloom noted.

This friendly and affectionate bird has brought much happiness to the Bloom family.

“The joy she’s brought to all our lives has immeasurable,” he added.

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To the love and respect of nature.

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Love my mum @samjbloom

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It’s all about the connection.

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The silence and peace of nature. @oli_bloom

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Long jump

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These kind people rescued beautiful little Penguin and she has added so much to their lives. They could have ignored her but chose to help a kindred spirit. Something we should all do whenever we see an animal in need. Penguin has been a blessing to them for many years now, a beautiful living being who has become a beloved member of their family. Kudos to the Blooms for doing this.

You can also check out Cameron Bloom’s book Penguin Bloom, which is all about this amazing story.

Featured image by penguinthemagpie via Instagram

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