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20+ Photos of Adorable Animals Bonding Guaranteed to Turn That Frown Upside Down

Our pets are often our best friends. In a world far too full of stress animals help us keep our sanity. At our house when we come back from the week’s errands our cats and dogs are always there to greet us. I even get greetings when I’ve only been gone ten minutes.

Adorable animals

And it’s pretty special, the bonds we share with our animal friends. If we’re truly lucky our pets are also friends with each other when it counts.

Animals can develop very close friendships
Like my beautiful kitties Frankie and Lucas who love to snuggle up together. Photo courtesy of the author. All rights reserved

So it’s in that spirit that I’m going to share these animal friendships

BuzzFeed has found 20 adorable animals having a moment.

This fuzzy dog and cat sharing a hug

The kind-hearted lovable dog who didn’t want his friend to be cold — so he gave him a blanket

This adorable kitty and tortoise sharing a meal

We don’t know why this dog is sorry but it’s the cutest apology ever

This friendly cow who waited for her buddy so they could walk together

This pup who loves to help his blind older brother

This cat who’s practicing his coolest ninja moves

Three huge and supposedly dangerous animals being friends

Screenshot by Awww!Cute/Tumblr

This cat who thinks his canine friend is a drum

Sometimes what we would consider animal odd couples turn into wonderful friendships.

Like this baby hippo who befriended a 103-year-old tortoise

Screenshot courtesy of mogfire/Tumblr

The swimming lesson that’s actually a boat ride

These adorable dogs who can’t get enough of each other

Another ninja cat who bowls his friend over

An indoor kitty and his feral friend

This dog who doesn’t want to feel left out when his brother gets medication

The capybara chillin’ with a cat masseuse

This cat visiting with a family member

Screenshot by BuzzFeed

Two daring doxies risking it all

Three animals of the canine persuasion sharing a nose boop!

The adorable marmalade kitty who mirrors his doggo best friend

These interactions are adorable and they show that animals are capable of complex thoughts and emotions. Our pets really do rock our world. They give us so much love that I fully believe our animals make us better humans.

Featured Image CC BY-ND from _alt3_ via Visual Hunt

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