Police Dog Loses Job, But For The Most Adorable Reason!

No one likes to be fired. It’s a horrendous thing that tears at the very fabric of our security.

When that happens to those we love, we can only hope and pray that they find another job soon.

This is the story of a canine deputy who was fired. You won’t believe the reason.

Law enforcement agencies throughout the world use dogs to detect drugs and explosives, to find people and to help capture fugitives.

These dogs have a vicious reputation, and it is often well deserved. You should never approach a police dog without first obtaining the permission of his or her human partner.

Gavel was a police dog. At least he tried to be. But the one-year-old puppy failed out of the canine police academy.

The reason? He was just too friendly.

The Queensland Police Service in Australia said that Gavel had an “overly-sociable temperament.”  He was simply too nice. He would rather play with people than chase them and loved to just roll around in the grass.

As Gavel’s story made headlines in Australia, animal lovers were moved.

One in particular. Police Hour reported that Gavel “has now been selected to welcome those coming to the Brisbane’s Government House as Governor Paul de Jersey’s official Vice-Regal Dog.

For a dog intent on public service, it sounds like Gavel is much better suited for his new job than his former one.

His job description includes welcoming guests and receiving lots of love and attention from everyone he meets.

Source: Police Hour



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