Pregnant Horse Lies Down To Give Birth…Then Her Owners Are Shocked To See An Impossible Miracle

The act of giving birth is a miracle in and of itself.

But Mother Nature occasionally delivers a shock and if we’re lucky, it’s a pleasant shock.

And here’s a perfectly heartwarming example:

A mother horse named Emma defied all the odds and delivered a borderline impossible miracle this past week.

For the record, it isn’t especially uncommon for a horse to conceive twins. It does happen every now and then.

What is extremely uncommon, however, is for both embryos to survive. Twin foals are immensely rare.

So rare, in fact, that vets say a twin horse’s odds of survival are a disheartening 10,000 to 1.

What generally happens is one embryo takes over at some point during the pregnancy, or one embryo dies early.

Sometimes, vets will even perform an abortion in the later stages of pregnancy.

But somebody forgot to tell Emma about all this, who lay down to give birth and not long after, she became an internet phenomenon.

And that’s because her twins did indeed survive.

The twins, named Will and Grace, are in good health and should lead long and happy lives, which is a tremendous miracle!

Said Nicola Jarvis, senior veterinary surgeon at a UK horse sanctuary:

Although mares quite often conceive twins, it is rare that both embryos survive.

If you have two foals, they are vying for space and the chances of them coming out alive and well are slim.

Yeah, well, it happened.

And as you might expect, the owner was stunned at this turn of events, as he actually had no idea the mare was pregnant with twins.

That’s a beautiful two-for-one deal!

Source: The Daily Mail

Ben Dutka

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