Precious Pup Left To Die Because She Was Different, But What Happened Next Changed Two Lives Forever

Only a few decades ago, babies born with disabilities in the United States were destined for institutions.

Their parents were told that such a place was the only place appropriate for them. Sadly, this still happens in some parts of the world.

Animals born with disabilities face an even more dire situation. All too often, they are either discarded or deemed unadoptable.

The outcome for those animals is often euthanasia. But this story has a different ending. This is a story of love, survival and second chances.

Adhara Talamantes is studying to become a veterinarian. On her way to school one morning she came across a puppy.

The encounter would change both of their lives forever.

The puppy had been born without her two front legs. She slid herself around on the dirty ground and across painful sidewalks in a neverending search for food and shelter.

She had obviously been abandoned there.

The harsh conditions in which she was living had resulted in multiple open wounds desperately in need of care.

Adhara knew she had to help or the puppy would so die. She acted quickly and took the puppy with her. With little forethought, she decided to help the disabled pup.

Adhara cared for her new friend named Almendra for months. It took weeks before the poor puppy began to have hope back in her eyes again. But she still had a long road ahead of her; they both did.

Adhara and Almendra did physical therapy together each day. Adhara taught her new companion how to walk without further damaging her front legs.

They did water therapy together, and eventually, Almendra was even ready for a wheelchair.

“When it arrived, I put her in it, and she started running. That was one of the happiest moments of my life when all the therapy I did with her – all the days we spent using the running machine and all the cleaning and tending of her wounds – finally paid off, Adhara said.

Both Adhara and Almendra found new love. Almendra has a new forever home, and Adhara has the companionship and inspiration found with her new puppy.

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