Puppies Are Suddenly Buried In Muddy Flood Waters. Needing A Miracle, Desperate Mama Starts Digging Furiously

The United States has been the target of a rash of tropical storms and hurricanes recently. We’ve been horrified at the stories of animals and their humans facing disaster.

It hasn’t just been the US that’s fared badly weatherwise this summer. Some areas of Vietnam have been faced with frighteningly swift and deadly flash floods.

When bad times face us, the first thought is getting our families to safety. That was foremost on the mind of this mother dog when she realized her babies were in a life-threatening situation.

When the rain started falling, it seemed like just more rain in an already sodden area. Then things started to get scary really fast as flooding started in areas previously fairly safe.

The mother dog had left her puppies safe in a hole she had dug to keep them from being vulnerable to predators. She hadn’t realized how deadly that could be if the hole started filling up with water.

Which it did. Amazingly fast.

While a human friend tried to bail out as much water as possible from the hole, the frantic mother clawed at the edges of the hole to be able to reach her babies.

When she realized that her efforts weren’t going to be enough and her babies would be dead in seconds, she did the only thing she could. She held her breath and dived into the water-filled hole. One by one she brought her babies to the surface and went back for another.

One of the puppies had inhaled too much water and was no longer breathing. Fast action by the mama’s human helper and soon it too was moving about, looking for its mother.

Soon, they were all safe and sound. There really is no love like a mother’s love. And nothing on this earth is sweeter.

The video is heartbreaking to watch, but it really brings home to us how important family is. And how steadfast is a mother’s love. Always.

Dog Mom Saves Her Puppies During Rain Storm

This dog's puppies were trapped in a hole that was filling with water — and she did the bravest thing 🐶❤️

Posted by The Dodo on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

May there always be someone there to lift us out of the depths when things start closing in around us.

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