Justin Finds A Trembling Puppy Tied To His Steps With A Soul-Crushing Note

Sometimes you have to make the difficult decision that your pet would be better off with someone else.

Life changes without warning and sometimes situations seem hopeless.

For some people, however, choosing to let a pet go is simple.

A man named Justin Hanley was surprised to see a pup tied to his steps by her leash when he went out one afternoon.

Then he looked around and saw a note tucked beneath a corner of his doormat…

Near the note was a plastic bag with half-eaten pizza pieces in it.

He assumed this was intended to be food for the dog, though it was hardly enough to sustain the pooch for very long.

Then he was astounded when he read the note.

Please take me home. I’m a girl named Diamond. We can no longer keep her in our home.

Thank you.

Hanley was disgusted by someone’s callous action.

Clearly, if somebody is feeding a dog pizza they weren’t equipped to handle a dog in the first place,” Hanley told Philly.com.

Hanley took the puppy inside but knew he wasn’t able to keep her.

Being a responsible person and animal lover, however, he made it a priority to find her a loving home.

In the meantime, he gave her water and food to eat.

She was pretty nervous at first but once Hanley fed her and called her by her name, she became very sweet and affectionate.

Hanley posted the puppy’s picture to his neighborhood’s Facebook group, hoping for advice from someone who deals with abandoned or lost dogs.

Unfortunately, no one recognized the puppy or who she could’ve belonged to, but tons of people commented and messaged Hanley willing to help.

Everyone was flabbergasted that anyone would treat a dog so poorly.

Not caring where she ended up after she had obviously been part of a family seemed like the epitome of irresponsibility.

It didn’t take long before Hanley was in touch with volunteers from Don’t Bully Us, an animal rescue group based in New Jersey.

The volunteers came to pick Diamond up and took her to a wonderful, loving foster home.

Now look at her!

Her foster home is on a lake with plenty of room for her to play, and she even has a puppy foster sibling there to keep her company.

She’s come a long way from the shy, sad girl tied to a city porch railing.

And she was very lucky that her previous owner just happened to have chosen to leave her outside a kind man’s door.

It could have ended quite differently, after all. So many dogs are stolen every day to be used as bait dogs in fighting rings, for example.

If the wrong person had happened by before Hanley looked out and saw her she would died a horrible death.

Instead, she’s lounging about on a dock with friends and a bright future!

Thank you Justin Hanley, and Don’t Bully Us for being responsible in a time when responsibility, especially when it comes to pet ownership, seems to be a rare commodity.

Source: The Animal Rescue Site

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