Rescuers Hear Crying Coming From Underground Pipe…They Start Digging And Their Jaws Drop!

Some things you just take for granted.

For instance, you’d think that taking a nice walk in the woods would be pretty uneventful, right?

For two young guys in Thailand, however, that nice walk suddenly became a life-or-death situation.

And it all started when they heard a soft, muffled crying…and when they went to investigate, they were shocked by what they found.

The two friends had been enjoying a leisurely walk through a forest that was located on the outskirts of their small town in Thailand.

Not too far into their stroll, one of them thought they heard an odd sound. Then the friend heard it.

They couldn’t decide where it was coming from, though. It seemed to be coming from…could it be…underground?

As they got closer to the muffled noise, they realized there was something alive trapped in an underground pipe beneath the thick mud of the forest floor!

They didn’t have time to go back home to get tools. They just grabbed a few large sticks and started digging.

Both of them were a little worried about what they would find.

And even more importantly, they wondered if they would be in time to save its life…whatever it turned out to be.

Unfortunately, their sticks kept breaking and were useless in the battle against the thick mud.

So one of the young men found a piece of a brick that he used to beat against the pipe, trying to break through to the animal trapped inside.

They had to do so very carefully however; if they hit the pipe too hard they could injure whatever it was inside.

Eventually, enough of the pipe was broken away that they could see the white hair of a fairly large animal.

Certainly, something larger than they would expect to see in such a small pipe!

Still they continued to break away pieces of the rusted pipe, uncovering more and more of the animal.

As the pipe chipped away they could see the animal moving a bit. Yes, it was still alive!

They began to dig and chip away harder and faster, encouraged by seeing the movement of the animal.

Finally, they had an opening big enough that they believed they could pull the animal through.

They tried getting all four of their hands into the hole beside the animal to pull it out.

But it seemed hopeless. The animal was just stuck too tightly.

There was no way to tell how long it had been wedged there, but it was stuck like a cork in a bottle.

Eventually, they decided that only one of them should try to scoop out the animal alone.

So, he wedged his hand in between the side of the broken pipe and the animal’s hind legs. Gripping tightly, he pulled with all his might….

And out popped an incredible sight!

Watch the video below to see exactly what had been stuck inside that old underground pipe, and find out if they acted in time!

Source: Good Samaritans Break A Pipe Open To Release A Dog Trapped Inside by ViralHog on Rumble

This animal was SO lucky the two men heard its cries!

It had obviously been crammed into the tight space for some time, as its legs had gone numb. He was hurt and scared.

But these heroes persevered, and we certainly hope the trapped pup will fully recover soon!

Source: Honest To Paws

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