Rescuers Find Terrified Dog Stuffed Into A Trash Bag. When They Look Closer, Their Hearts Break

WARNING: There’s a graphic image in this article…but beautiful redemption isn’t far behind. ūüėČ

How dogs are treated in certain parts of the world is beyond barbaric.

It’s just plain evil.

One adorable golden retriever mix can attest to that fact, as she narrowly escaped a gruesome death.

She just wanted to live a normal life until those in charge of a Korean meat market found her…and what they did to her is unspeakable.

At first, they were going to slaughter her and use her meat, so she was hung upside down and tortured daily.

Why? To make the meat more tender.

And because these people are SICK.

But then they found out Chi Chi’s meat would be inedible due to an infection that ate away at her legs.

That’s when they decided to simply toss her away like yesterday’s trash.

And that’s where the Nabiya Irion Hope Project, a South Korean animal welfare group, found her:

In a trash bag near the Korean meat market and sadly, Chi Chi’s legs were so eaten away, she couldn’t walk.

If you weren’t aware, eating dogs and cats in South Korea has been a common practice in recent years, though it’s starting to fall out of favor (thankfully).

Due to Chi Chi’s infection, the vet was forced to amputate all four legs but you know, that was just the beginning for this amazing canine.

Animal Rescue Media & Education (ARME) president Shannon Keith said:

“She survived and the day after surgery she was trying to walk.

She was smiling and wagging her tail.

Chi Chi then spent two months trying to learn how to walk with her new prosthetic paws.

And her spirits were high the whole time.

Then, another miracle: She found her forever home on the other side of the world, with the Howell family in Phoenix, Arizona.

Chi Chi – which means “loving” in Korean, by the way – joined Richard and Elizabeth Howell, along with their 12-year-old daughter Megan and three other family dogs.

Megan is surprised at Chi Chi’s vivacity and cheer, saying the dog can “pretty much do anything a real dog can do.”

Obviously, their new pet has a tough road ahead of her but she is now happy and loved…a complete 180 from her previous life!

Thank God for those dedicated animal rescuers and people like the Howells!

Sources: The Dodo, Associated Press

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