Man Pops Open His Trunk And Shocked By What Jumps Out At Him, Laughter Ensues Once He Sees What It Is

How the heck did it get in there?

Sure, we all find strange things in our vehicle’s trunks.

But so very rarely does something actually jump out at us!

One man took a drive through the English countryside to do some errands. It was a pretty typical day.

He noticed another man walking toward his car, weighed down with boxes (why he decided to record him, we’ll never know).

Anyway, the laden shopper popped the trunk and then…

A freakin’ chicken leaped out!

The guy carrying all the boxes couldn’t believe his eyes and obviously, it wasn’t his chicken.

Whose was it? How’d it get in there? Who knows?

The shopper was so stunned by what he saw that he actually started backing away from his car…

Maybe he thought more strange animals would jump out.

Heck, if a chicken can be in there, what else might’ve hitched a ride?

This is just one of those “you gotta see it to believe it” things, right? ūüėČ

Source: Honest to Paws

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Written by Kim Hays

Kimberly has been a writer and editor for over 10 years. Her mantra is, write, proofread, rewrite, bang head on desk, then edit. If you’ve ever written anything on a deadline, you can relate

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