This Blind, Stray Dog Family Needed A Miracle, And Then Another To Have A Chance

Lindsay Devers and her husband wanted to add to their happiness by getting a dog.

Specifically, they felt the call to adopt a rescue dog.

And when Devers looked on the SPCA website she was surprised to immediately fall in love with not just one dog, but three.

A family of three dogs to be exact, a mom, son, and daughter.

But, there was more to this dog family than met the eyes.

They all three also had disabilities which made it difficult for them to be adopted together, so they had been living at a shelter for over a year.

In fact, all three of them were blind and had been given the nickname the “three blind angels.”

Despite their blindness, Devers knew they were meant to be a part of her family. So she went immediately and started the adoption process for all three dogs.

Devers has never once regretted her decision to take on three blind dogs, even though she had to deal with several health issues the dogs have had since the adoption.










The worst of which costs hundreds of dollars, but Devers started a GoFundMe page and the community responded!

Thanks to everyone’s goodwill, all three dogs are doing well.

The story was so heart warming that the local news even reported on these lucky puppies.

It’s so heartwarming to see a willing couple take in such needy pets who may have otherwise never found a forever home. Watch their amazing story below.

Source: Animals Being Cute

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Written by Margo Phillips

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