Strange Noises Are Coming From The Attic. Bob Checks, And Finds A Nightmare House Guest

Anyone who has lived in an old house knows about the house settling. That’s all those creepy creaks are, right?

Well, that’s what Bob and his wife Linda thought they were hearing.

But then, after several years passed, Bob got a suspicion that it was something else.

He had heard of people having rat infestations in the area, so he thought he better investigate.

Nothing prepared him for what he was about to see when he got to the top of the stairs and opened the door!

There was a huge tunnel that had been made by ‘something’ in his insulation.

What in the world could make a tunnel like that? Certainly not bees or mice…

As he peered into the gap, something moved and he saw exactly what was going bump in the night.

It was GIANT snake! YIKES!

He called an Sarasota Animal Control right away, and prayed they had the experience and tools to get rid of the slithering intruder.

When two officers arrived with catch poles, they went through the house and came back with bad news; it was a highly poisonous diamondback rattlesnake.

Worse, it had gone so deep into the walls that they couldn’t get to it.

So Bob had to go to plan B.

He had a friend named Mark Lampart who deals with dangerous animals, even sharks.

With nothing to lose Bob called Mark who gladly came to see if he could help.

Mark started looking around, and found a a snakeskin two feet long. Yep, it was definitely a snake.

Then Mark found where the snake was hiding, but it was going to be hard to get to, as animal control had learned.

So, he peeled away at the insulation, layer by layer, until he finally got his hands on the scaly creature.

He quickly pulled it out, but it was no diamondback rattlesnake.

It was a Columbian red-tailed boa constrictor – and it was ENORMOUS!

They aren’t poisonous, but they’re still deadly if they wrap around you.

He quickly ran outdoors with the snake, while Bob and Linda stood there in shock.

They asked how it got in their home in the first place, and Mark explained that they are tree-climbers and it most likely came in through their roof. ‘shiver’

That was an incident they’ll not soon forget, and will probably freak out every time their old house makes a creaking sound.

Wouldn’t you?

Source: Honest to Paws

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Written by Ben Dutka

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