Couple Hurries To Save Stray Cat With Neck Bound, Dying. Realize It’s Worse Than They Thought

We’ve all heard the story of the Good Samaritan. It is a Biblical story, rich in meaning about helping out one’s neighbor who is left to die, regardless of religious or political differences. The point is that anyone who is sick or dying needs help and care.

We can easily and quickly transfer this type of story to the animal world. There are many stray cats and dogs roaming about, left to fend for themselves until they ultimately die an untimely and premature death. But the question becomes, where are the Good Samaritans to save these needy animals?

In California, we can find 2 such Good Samaritans in a stray cat’s desperate need for help and life. Couple Kimberly and Chris were minding their own business when they saw a homeless cat with a very strange object on its neck.

In looking closer, Chris and Kimberly realized that professional help was desperately needed in order to save the cat’s life. You see, the cat had an empty packing tape roll around its neck and it had been there long enough to create an infection.

So this couple did what any other Good Samaritan would do: they caught the cat, rushed him to the vet, and then ultimately, adopted him.

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From Animals Being Cute:

On a beautiful day in California, Kimberly Sexelby and Chris Gattas found a cat with something strange wrapping around its neck. After taking a close look, Sexelby and Gattas knew they needed to find help for the cat. If they didn’t, he surely would die.

The cat barely being able to breathe, an empty tape roll wrapped around his neck. In order to catch the cat and get help for it, they set up a trap. Ignoring the crate, the cat stayed in the exact same spot.

Finding another way to catch him, Chris brought out a net. Though it was a struggle, he eventually caught the cat and put him in the crate. Then, they drove off to the vet.

Arriving at the vet, they realized the situation was worse than they originally thought. The doctor removed the tape roll. Because it had been there for so long, the cat’s neck had an infection.

On top of all this, they found out the cat was extremely dehydrated. With lots of recoveries ahead of him, looking into the cat’s eyes you could tell he was sick.

Feeling great connections with the cat, Chris and Kimberly decided to adopt him. Because they found him on Valentine’s day, they named him Valentine.

After being treated for some time, Valentine gained enough strength to go home. Originally, Valentine seemed pretty skittish. This probably happened because he never experienced affection.

Deciding the would not give up on Valentine, Chris and Kimberly saw him becoming more affectionate.

With a little bit of time and lots of love, Valentine learned to receive and give affection.

This is a wonderful lesson for us all: always be a Good Samaritan, because, in time, the sacrifice will pay off. In this couple’s case, they gained a new family member.

Source: Animals Being Cute

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