Stray Cat Rushes Into The Dying Patient’s Room Just In The Nick Of Time

This is the astounding story of one cat who senses when people are most in need. Then he steps up to do what many people could never do.

Oscar is a stray cat who now lives at the Steere House Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Rhode Island. Animals are widely known to have therapeutic effects.

Petting or snuggling up with a cat or dog can have a calming and healing biological effect. But Oscar’s abilities to help people go much further than simply providing a little comfort.

Oscar’s behavior first made headlines when Dr. David Dosa, an Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Warren Alpert Medical School at Brown University, shared Oscar’s story with the New England Journal of Medicine in 2007.

Oscar has the unbelievable ability to predict when someone is about to die. In over 50 cases, Oscar has sensed when a patient at the nursing home is nearing the end of their days on earth.

He goes to those individuals, snuggles up beside them and stays with them until they pass.

Dr. Dosa reported that Oscar’s predictions are rarely wrong. In fact, his predictions have been more accurate than those of the medical staff at the nursing home.

Dr. Dosa was so amazed at Oscar’s gift that he wrote a book about it called “Making rounds with Oscar: The extraordinary gift of an ordinary cat.”

The book tells the story of Oscar’s amazing abilities to identify and comfort those who are preparing to die.

He travels up and down the halls of the nursing home, visiting very briefly with patients. But his extended visiting and snuggling sessions are reserved for those who will soon pass away.

He will even scratch at the door of patients if he senses that they need him and their door is closed.

Dr. Dosa recalled one time when Oscar snuggled up with a woman whose leg had a severe blood clot. He reportedly wrapped himself around her cold leg until she passed.

On another occasion, Oscar seemed done with his “rounds” when he suddenly felt the urge to go back to a particular patient. He stayed with that man until he died.

Oscar reportedly follows a similar routine each day.

After determining that a particular patient needs him, he enters their room, jumps on their furniture or windowsill simply keeping them company. When he feels led to, he will then jump onto the bed and lie beside the dying person.

“The cat was difficult to be found unless someone was in the dying process, and then he would be very much front and center, “ said Dosa.

“Then he’ll be there until the very end.” “But it’s the effect he has on the caretakers that really makes the difference. Dementia takes so much from the patient, but it’s really the caretakers that suffer the most,” Dosa added.

The stress and emotional drain placed on caretakers of terminally ill patients is immense.

Oscar’s behavior has been as much if not more of a comfort to those caretakers as it has been for those about to pass away.

Caretakers see Oscar with someone. They know that the person’s time on Earth is coming to an end and that their time of pain and suffering will also be coming to an end.

They are grateful that Oscar is there to sit with them, to love them and to provide comfort for these people in their final hours.

You might want to get the tissues out before you watch this video.

This remarkable cat will melt your heart and make you all the more grateful for the love, compassion, and comfort that animals are capable of providing to the humans they love.

Watch as Oscar makes his rounds. He checks in on approximately 40 patients each day. If he senses that they are at the end of life, he will sit with them for hours on end.

Dr. Dosa expressed his initial skepticism noting that there was nothing readily remarkable about Oscar at first.

But he quickly learned that Oscar’s behaviors are beyond remarkable.

Oscar helps those with dementia in ways that many people would struggle to do. He provides comfort when caregivers are tired. He provides love when people are alone.

He provides compassion when people are failing. This cat’s behaviors are nothing short of a miracle and a blessing from above.

Source: We Love Animals

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