He Tells Stubborn Pup It’s Time To Leave Park – The Dog’s Hilarious Response Has Onlookers In Stitches

Kids always seem to act worst when in public.

Even the most well-behaved kids can turn into little monsters when they think they have an audience that’s appreciating their antics.

As one owner in Queensland, Australia learned recently, kids aren’t the only ones that sometimes misbehave in public just to get attention.

He and his Golden Retriever had had a grand day in the park at Burleigh Hill, overlooking beautiful Burleigh Beach.

All good things must come to an end though, so he snapped on his dog’s leash and headed for the car.

Except…his dog wouldn’t follow him.

No matter how he cajoled, pleaded and scolded, his petulant pooch said firmly, “I’m not going.”

It didn’t help the guy’s temper much that the park was crowded that day, and his dog’s stubbornness had collected quite an audience.

As he snapped off the leash and pretended to walk away, his dog simply laid down and looked forlorn.

He decided to go the “tough love” route and scolded the dog and stamped his foot.

He then pulled forcefully on the leash and the dog collapsed into the position that would make peaceful protesters everywhere proud.

From amid the onlookers, a man’s voice could be heard saying “Dude, I think your dog is broken.”

We are so grateful to Facebook user, Kristen Bohlsen caught the whole adorable scene on video!

She can be heard giggling throughout the clip as the petulant pup resists his dad’s urgings and leash tugs.

Although the doggy dad managed to keep his cool through all of the embarrassing ordeal, eventually he’d had enough.

He took off the dog’s leash and walked away. Really walked away, not play walking.

Kids usually know when their parents have reached their boiling point, and this adorable dog apparently did too.

With a big sigh, he stood up and raced off after his dad while the crowd cheered.

Human tantrums are obnoxious. Animal tantrums are both adorable AND funny! 😉

Sources: FacebookI Heart Dogs

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