Giraffe Bends Head Down To Makayla And There’s An Odd Note Around Its Neck

For centuries, giraffes have been used as gifts between rulers in exotic countries around the globe. Their long graceful necks and unique color patterns make them favorites with almost everyone.

Sadly, their appearance makes them attractive to poachers and trophy hunters. While their meat is considered edible as “bushmeat,”

It doesn’t have a wide appeal to most human carnivores, thank goodness.

For the most part, the giraffe is simply revered for being the graceful, elegant creature that it is.

That was the appeal for Makayla Blakey. One of her favorite destinations was the local zoo and once inside, she always headed straight for the giraffes.

Makayla, along with boyfriend Cody Hall, had been granted a pass for a private tour by Jesse Rolhaus, Blakey’s friend and a Dickerson Park Zoo employee.

Makayla was over the moon when Jesse told them they would be part of a training exercise for one of their giraffes.

Jesse led Makayla and Cody toward the giraffe enclosure. Makayla was given leaves to feed to Mili, the giraffe who was in training.

Joey (another zoo worker) then explained the process. “He said it began by getting Mili the giraffe into a small enclosure that only exposed the top part of her head and to point at a big tennis ball on a stick with her nose and every time she did it right we would feed her,” Cody told Inside Edition.

Right on cue, the giraffe came closer and put its long neck over the enclosure. It reached for the leaves Makayla was holding. That’s when something shiny caught her eye that was dangling from around Mili’s neck.

Before she could ask what it was, Cody stepped forward and loosened the ribbon hanging around the giraffe’s neck. Once he had it in his hand, he dropped to one knee.

Makayla realized immediately what was happening. The whole episode had been staged! Knowing how much she loved giraffes, Cody had enlisted the help of his friends and a special giraffe to ask her to marry him!

Makayla answered with an elated yes! And a yay! Friends who had sneaked in behind to watch the event gave a muted “awwwww.”

Mili the giraffe, however, just looked on quietly, as they embraced. Seemingly unperturbed by the goings on down below. Most likely just wondering what had happened to the leaves she was supposed to have been getting. 

We are guessing she got as many as Makayla could find soon after, though. How else would you thank the ring-bearer for one of your life’s biggest moments?

When asked if he was nervous about the whole thing, Cody explained, “Marriage was something we had talked about, so I knew she’d say yes. But it’s a different feeling when you ask the question and she says yes. It’s still surreal.”

The video of the proposal (below) is garnering a lot of online attention, and the zoo even shared photos of the two on their Facebook page.

“We think Mili should be your honorary ring bearer on your big day,” they said in the post.

Cody and Makayla, we do too!


Source: NTD TV

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