This poor dog had fallen down a deep well in India and was fortunately rescued. Screen capture by Animal Aid Unlimited India via YouTube

Ten people who stepped up for dogs and saved the day when they needed it the most

There’s one fact that remains true no matter what — we don’t deserve dogs. Now, some of us know that this is true, and we work tirelessly to thank all the dogs for their unconditional love. We found some superheroes that took their doggy devotion to another level, and we can’t wait to tell you about them.

We love dogs!

Anyone who owns dogs knows our canine friends are all about love and devotion. Heck, dogs have even saved our lives — even if it means risking their own in the process.

Seriously, how happy is this dog? Photo by Roger Ahlbrand, license CC 2.0 via Flickr

Dogs are like the better parts of ourselves, so it’s wonderful when people step up for our canine companions. We found ten people who did just that.

The dog dad who spent a night in the emergency clinic with his friend

After all, we know that if that human was sick, that dog wouldn’t leave his side.

The kind vet who sits and eats with a scared shelter dog

This veterinarian knew just how to make this dog feel a bit better — by sitting down in his kennel and sharing a meal with him. What a lovely thing to do.

This dog dad, who took his friend for a huge trip during his pup’s final days

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This picture is from our last beach trip to the west coast up in San Francisco. We didn't get to swim because it was too cold, but we enjoyed a nice breeze and sunset. Right around this time last year poh was still with us… But we knew that our time together was very short. In fact, we had brought him to see our doctor @dr._vet_alvarez at @amcny. We were prepared for the worst… We thought we were going to lose him that day… We didn't, we had a few weeks more to spend with him.. But #pohthedog was letting us know he was ready. Very recently we have had many fellow dog owners contact us about their pets, who were in a similar place as #pohthedog was near the end… They are struggling with the idea of 'letting go'. Many of #pohthedogsbigadventure followers would often share this advice with us… . You will know when it is time to let go, you will know when your pet is ready to move on, he will let you know… And you are the only one whose opinion and experience matters. . On that day we learned that this was true for us. #pohthedog let us know. While many poh's followers were supportive of our journey, there were many that insisted on expressing their opinion on an already hurtful and sensitive situation. And unfortunately, this particular medium of communication doesn't allow any compassion and kindness to come through with the words that were typed out. It added feelings of confusion and shame to our sadness and feelings of impending loss. For those who are dealing with this, our experience has shown us that only you and your pet know when it will be time. I truly believe that. So In the meantime, enjoy your time together like it will be your last, make sure you and your pet live life to the fullest while you can. We did this with poh, and of course I miss him everyday… But I have enough memories like the one above to keep him alive in my heart and mind. #tbt #rippohthedog

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Poh was a beautiful dog, and we sure are glad his dad was able to do this with him.

The news reporter in Peru who rescued a dog caught in a flood in the middle of a live broadcast

At first, this poor, scared little dog seems to be trying to avoid reporter Aaron Rodriguez, but the reporter finally caught up with him and took the pooch to dry ground. Rodriguez almost accidentally became entirely submerged in the process. That’s real altruism!

Then there are the kind owners of this laundry who weren’t about to let anyone take this dog to a shelter

The laundry owners could have taken the lazy way out, but they decided not to. Kudos to them for doing this!

And this dog groomer who visits a New York shelter every week to give dogs free haircuts

The cute dog in the photo found a home! Chances are this man knows that a well-groomed dog is likelier to be adopted. He’s helped save this dog’s life, and who knows how many others he’s helped? What a wonderful way to make a difference!

These neighbors who took action during a flood

For anyone who’s ever owned pets, knowing there are neighbors like this is a comforting thing. We should all be so lucky.

This dog was in a perilous situation. Then these rescuers found her

She’d fallen into a deep well, so rescuers from Animal Aid Unlimited, in India rappelled down the wall of the well to rescue her. The dog’s grateful expression towards the end of the video pretty much says it all.

And the high school cross country team that likes to take shelter dogs on a run

When these athletes take the dogs out for exercise, it gives them a chance to relieve the stress of being confined. We’re betting that this as much fun for the high schoolers as it is for the dogs.

The delivery driver who really stepped up

This story is nothing short of remarkable. This dog might have met a sad end on a busy road! Thanks to the driver’s quick thinking, though, the happy pooch and his delighted owner are together once again.

Dogs are our loyal friends, and many people would agree that humans got the better end of this deal. After all, they are a child’s best friend, they keep us safe, and they add a touch of goofiness when necessary.

So. any time a human makes a dog’s life better, it’s a beautiful thing.

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