A healthy adult tiger can run up to 40 mph. Feature photo by Amit Kumar via Flickr, license CC SA 2.0.

The Memory of a lifetime: Tiger chases motorcyclists in epic video

A pair of motorcyclists riding down a country road in India got the surprise of their lives when they suddenly and unexpectedly found themselves being chased by a wild Bengal tiger.

And lucky for the rest of us, they captured the scary encounter on video, The Dodo reports. As they sped down the road, the men spotted a shadowy figure heading their way:

This is one awesome tiger
This tiger gave the men an experience they will never forget. Screen capture courtesy The Dodo.

Tiger gives men the memory of a lifetime

This gorgeous tiger was right behind them! The whole scene lasted mere seconds before the big cat disappeared into the underbrush. But just imagine how exciting this was for the two men. Truly amazing.

What an amazing (and scary) moment. Screen capture courtesy of The Dodo.

The tiger may have been defending its territory — fortunately, both men and the tiger were unharmed during this remarkable encounter. But sadly, that is often not the case for wild tigers.

Their forest homes are disappearing rapidly. What’s really sad is that humans often kill these magnificent cats for preying on livestock. Or for coming too close to people.

Tigers are losing their lives…but you can help save them

How beautiful is this tiger
Let’s keep tigers wild. Featured image by Keith Roper via Flickr, license CC 2.0

Add to that the fact that tigers are frequently poached, bred in captivity for the exotic pet trade and bought and sold for tourist attractions and it’s no wonder that their populations are declining.

There are less than 3,900 wild tigers left. This is largely due to so many being killed for traditional Chinese medicine. Project C.A.T. is working to protect these gorgeous cats. So far the organization has provided them with nearly two million acres of protected habitat. C.A.T. hopes to double the wild tiger population by 2022.


You can help the tigers by donating here.

You can even ask members of Congress to co-sponsor this important measure, which has raised more than $4.1 million for international conservation efforts. And if you really want to have a bit of fun, you can adopt your very own tiger.

Here’s the amazing tiger chase below. And just for fun, I’ve added my favorite tiger video. It includes two tiger cubs and a very bossy gibbon.

A Tiger is seen chasing a bike in Muthanga Wildlife Safari in Wayanad in Kerala.Is this how the Tiger Parks are managed in India?

Posted by Forests and Wildlife Protection Society – FAWPS on Saturday, June 29, 2019
These men escaped with their lives! But what an awesome experience!

Feature photo by Amit Kumar via Flickr, license CC SA 2.0.

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