Thanks to these kind people, kitties like this one are safe. Screenshot by The BestCatPage

Check out This ‘Kitty City’ — a Whole Town Built Just for Cats

In the United States, at least six to eight million cats and dogs wind up homeless and in shelters, PugetPets reports. There have been all sorts of campaigns to encourage owners to spay their pets that have worked in some cases. However, the sad reality is that many pets wind up on the street.

Like these sweet homeless kittens, for instance. Photo by Julia Manzerova license CC NC SA 2.0 via Flickr

This is an especially harsh reality for dogs and cats living in other countries, Postize reports. It’s more challenging to calculate the numbers worldwide, of course. However, in 2011, according to the in 2011 the World Health Organization (WHO), there are at least 200 million homeless dogs worldwide. And some estimates say there are at least 100 million feral cats.

While this is indeed a tragedy, in rural Turkey, someone built a town just for feral kitties and we can’t get enough.

This town is just for cats

This town is for cats
“Cat Town,” in the northern province of Samsun, Turkey, was built specifically for homeless cats. Photo courtesy of TheBestCatPage.

Founded inside 10,000 square kilometers of forest, “Cat Town,” is located within a municipal animal shelter, TheBestCatPage reports. Built by the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, it took two years to finish the small town, which provides shelter and safety for more than 50 formerly homeless cats.

They take cats off the street

This kitty no longer has to worry about his next meal. Photo courtesy of TheBestCatPage

The animal shelter rescues the street cats then they ensure that the animals are spayed or neutered. Then the cats wind up living in the town, where there’s no discrimination based on a cat’s age or on its health concerns. The town even takes in cats with special needs.

The town includes bungalows
This formerly homeless cat is being treated for an injury. Screenshot courtesy of TheBestCatPage

In this town kitties even have their own veterinarian

Another “cat town” resident. Photo courtesy of TheBestCatPage

Hüseyin Aydin, the town’s resident vet, and facility manager makes sure that the cats get everything they need. He treats those who are sick before allowing them to enter the kitty community and mingle with the resident cats, Postize reports.

Aydin says the town is more like a five-star hotel for cats. The town provides everything the kitties could ever want. Kind staffers provide them with good food, health, and lots of love.

The town where cats have choices

One of the buildings in the town
Decisions, decisions. Which room shall I pick? Photo courtesy of TheBestCatPage

Engineers equipped the little town with several bridges and walking tracks where the cats can run and play, as well as numerous bungalows.

This kitty is having a relaxing stroll. Screenshot by TheBestCatPage

In fact, there are enough bungalow options that a cat can choose whether to rest by itself or with other kitties.

A lovely place to look out on the world. Screenshot by TheBestCatPage

A place where a cat gets to be a cat

And there’s room for kitties who prefer to be on their own. Screenshot by TheBestCatPage

And the kitties seem like they really love the place too!

Screenshot by TheBestCatPage

Volunteers make sure the kitties are well-fed and loved

Screenshot by TheBestCatPage

It looks like it’s time for a vacation to Turkey

Screenshot by TheBestCatPage

This place is kitty heaven on earth

Screenshot by TheBestCatPage

Aydin’s main objective is to make sure the cats can lead full, happy and healthy lives and he hopes to expand the facility so that more cats can be helped in the future. It’s so heartening to see something like this and let’s hope this inspires others to create wonderful communities like this one — where no animal has to suffer. Something where love and kindness prevail.

Featured photo courtesy of TheBestCatPage

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