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This Raccoon Attempted a Snack Food Heist That Went Adorably Sideways

Have you ever tried to do something you knew you was wrong only to get caught trying to get away with it? I think we’ve all had those moments. Well, this raccoon may not have known better than to do what it did, but the end results are hilarious nonetheless.

For example, when I was about three years old, I loved all those shiny copper pennies. I snitched them off my dad’s dresser at every opportunity. Of course, I got caught and my dad had a good laugh over it. Things like this are what I call “gotcha” moments and I think we all have them sometimes.

Like this raccoon during his latest heist:

So this little guy became trapped after going in through the out door. Screen capture courtesy of The Dodo/Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

Undoubtedly the tasty treats in this vending machine at a local high school in Volusia County, Florida, looked good to this hungry raccoon, The Dodo reports. Here were all these snacks, just hanging there, ripe for the taking.

So he slipped in through the swinging flap at the bottom of the snack dispenser. Now he was in raccoon heaven. Or so he thought. Because in the same spirit as “what goes up doesn’t necessarily come down,” he found out that what goes in through the out door isn’t necessarily able to come out.

That swinging door that let him in so easily wouldn’t let him back out again — uh oh!

Now this raccoon found himself in a spot

How in tarnation am I supposed to get out of this thing? Screenshot by TheDodo/Volusia County Sheriff’s Office

That’s how deputies from the local sheriff’s office caught him red-pawed. They didn’t want to worry the little raccoon too much so they carefully wheeled the dispenser outside where he’d feel safer.

Deputies set the little guy free. Screenshot by Volusia Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

“What they did was put the vending machine on a dolly and wheel it to the back of the school,” said Sheriff’s Office spokesman Andrew Gant, in an interview with The Dodo. “Then they opened the door and the raccoon ran to freedom on his own. They didn’t want to freak him out.”

And the little creature was off like a shot:

Thanks for helping me out guys. Bye! Screenshot by Volusia Sheriff’s Office/Facebook

Now that this little raccoon was free again he didn’t waste any time in fleeing his temporary jail cell. And perhaps the kind officers had a nice laugh for the day. As for the raccoon, hopefully, he learned to “stay away from those big, boxy things because they aren’t friendly.”

We’re glad the little guy lived through it so he gets to snatch food another day.

Here’s the heartwarming video below.

Raccoon release 8/14/19

Here's the moment our vending machine raccoon buddy got his freedom.Thanks Deputy Danny Clifton, Deltona Animal Control Officer Marion Quinones and Pine Ridge High School Guardian Greg McWhorter!

Posted by Volusia Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Featured image by Alanah Nasadyk license CC 2.0 via Flickr

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