Two Pit Bulls Wandered Into The Hospital, How The Staff Reacted Is Not What We Expected

What would you do if you were in a hospital visiting a family member when two pit bulls casually strolled into the hospital lobby and then into the pharmacy?

If you are anything like the security and staff at St. Luke’s Anderson Campus, then you would welcome them.

The hospital recently encountered such a situation. Surveillance videos show two dogs as they casually entered the lobby and the hospital pharmacy.

Most hospitals would quickly usher dogs like these out. But security at St. Luke’s was much more animal-friendly.

A security guard got a couple of leashes for the dogs and gently escorted them to get some water and then outside.

It was later learned that both dogs have a good home but that they had somehow gotten out of their back yard. Their mom was thrilled to have her dogs safely returned and had been in such good care.

In fact, she even wrote the hospital a thank you note for their actions.

Watch for yourself and see the dogs enter the St. Luke’s cancer center. One animal-friendly woman seems rather concerned for the dogs and seeks help.

In the pharmacy, the dogs go back and forth down the hallway and through the small storage area before getting some much-needed love and water.

These two dogs had quite an adventure that day. Hopefully, their mom will be able to figure out how they got out of their back yard and take measures to keep them from escaping and getting into more hospital mischief.

St. Luke's Anderson Campus Dogs

St. Luke's Anderson Campus is considered one of the most patient friendly and patient accessible hospitals in the region. And pet friendly? We had unexpected visitors at the Anderson Campus last week! Two dogs strolled into HomeStar Pharmacy in Anderson's Medical Office Building. Imagine our Pharmacists surprise when she noticed who was waiting to be helped! We are happy to report we were able to safety transport the dogs out of the hospital! The dogs enjoyed the accessibility and welcoming employees at St. Luke’s Anderson campus!

Publicado por St. Luke's University Health Network em Terça-feira, 11 de julho de 2017

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