Update — Animal Shelter Celebrated This Dog’s Recovery with a Contest to Guess Her Breed

No matter how much a dog has been abused and neglected, no matter how long they’ve been on the street, the one thing a rescuer can almost always determine is what breed of dog they are.

Some breeds are easily recognizable, by size, shape or coat, others may take a little research to determine.


For one little dog, found wandering in the deadly Bonneville Salt Flats west of Salt Lake City, starving and extremely weak, guessing her breed was impossible.

It was also secondary to simply saving her life. After three months of surviving in a place well known for its brutal terrain, Kelly was barely alive.

She’s a fighter!

Realizing what a fighter this little girl was, the Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC) didn’t skip a beat in offering to take her in and nurse her back to health.

Not only was she emaciated and dehydrated, but her paws were raw and in pain from wandering through the salt flats for so long. No only that, but she was suffering from one of the worst cases of contagious mange that rescue workers had ever seen.

Because the mites had burrowed so deeply into her skin, almost all of her hair had fallen out. She was also suffering from exposure after spending months with the sun beating down on her bare skin.

They realized that it was truly a miracle that Kelly was still alive. Such a severe mite infestation can easily lead to a skin infection that can be deadly. Yet, despite being so sick, Kelly had managed to stay alive until help could find her.

What a lovely dog!

In spite of all that she’d gone through, Kelly quickly became a favorite at the shelter because of her outgoing and sweet personality. Everyone who met her fell in love.

It took months of treatment to get Kelly started on the road to recovery. After writing about Kelly’s story on their Facebook page, The UAAC began receiving gifts of soft clothes and blankets to make Kelly’s recovery more comfortable for her.

They also got a lot of questions about what breed of dog Kelly was. Everyone at the shelter had been asking the same thing ever since Kelly first came to them.

What breed is this?

They decided to turn the question into a competition. They posted their intention to offer a grand prize to the person who could guess what breed of dog, or what mix, Kelly is. They were inundated with guesses.

But, how to prove what she was? Veterinarians had drawn blood to help them determine what health problems Kelly had and how best to treat her, and while they were at it, they also decided to use a bit of the blood to do a DNA test.

A lot of people guessed Vizla or Weimeraner and a lot of people guessed a lot of the same mixes. But, only one person guessed correctly.

In fact, Kelly wasn’t a  mix at all. Carrie Elkins shares her life with a Brittany Spaniel, so it was easy for her to look past the hairlessness and see the similarities.

A Brittany Spaniel!

Indeed, Kelly DNA tested at 100% Brittany Spaniel! When Kelly’s hair grows in she will be a stunningly beautiful liver and white Brittany. Carrie was the proud winner of a lovely gift basket.

The shelter keeps hoping that Kelly hadn’t been abandoned by some uncaring human, and will soon be claimed by someone who loves her. Until then, she’s still the favorite at the shelter and is looking forward to being claimed or adopted soon.


Unfortunately, no one ever showed up for Kelly at the shelter. However, because of her fame on the internet, she definitely found a fureever home. Check this out:

Kelly and family have been settling in perfectly since her adoption yesterday! Here is a special message and some photos…

Posted by K9 Kelly of the Salt Flats on Sunday, April 22, 2018

While it’s terrible that we will never know how Kelly ended up on the salt flats, we’re delighted she found her furever home. You can follow her progress on her Facebook Page.

Source: I Heart Dogs

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