Police in New York rescued Kiah from an abusive situation and now she has a new job as a K9 officer. Screen capture by Inside Edition via YouTube

Pitbulls and Police Officers Prove to Be a Pawsome Combination (video)

Great news for some amazing dogs. Instead of Pitbulls being on the wrong side of the law — they are now helping out police departments across the nation.

Police departments often train purebred dogs like the Belgian Malinois and the German Shepherd to become K9 officers. But in most cases, purchasing and training these dogs can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, Pitbulls are offering a cheaper alternative that ultimately saves their lives as well.

Officer Dawn Havens and her K9 buddy Kara. Screen capture courtesy of Animal Farm Foundation

Police departments all over the U.S. are now adopting Pitbulls as police dogs — thus rescuing these wonderful dogs from euthanasia and saving thousands of dollars because they no longer have to buy purebred dogs.

A win-win for pit bulls and police

Police departments ranging from Poughkeepsie in New York, Washougal in Washington, Chattahoochie Hills in Georgia as well as departments in Texas are adopting pitbulls from animal shelters. So not only are they saving these beautiful dogs, but they are also saving lots of money, The Independent reports.

Officer Brianna Mecca and her K9 best friend Colt. Screen capture courtesy of Animal Farm Foundation

“Police departments are finally getting it,” says this Facebook campaign group Protect Pit Bulls from BSL (breed-specific legislation). “Instead of spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a trained Belgian [Malinois] or GSD [Geman Shepherd], they are now taking pitbulls from shelters and training them, and they are proving themselves to be amazing police and military K9’s.”

Pitbulls adopted at a shelter in Texas

The officers adopt the Pitbulls from Austin Pets Alive, then UniversalK9 gets them all trained up. Once they complete their training, the pooches go to police departments all over the U.S. at no cost.

This is one of the dogs to have a lucky break. Screen capture by Universal K9 via YouTube

And thanks to the New York-based Animal Farm Foundation, the pitties receive a sponsorship to Universal K9. The money contributes to the costs of the training. The program began two years ago, and 11 pit bulls have been placed with police departments.

It’s a big job — but these doggos are smart

The dogs learn how to find missing people, sniff out drugs and explosives, and even to detect arson.

A drug-sniffing dog in action. Screen capture by Universal K9 inc. via YouTube

“Any dog that has the drive, confidence, and desire to work can do it,” writes Universal K9 founder Brad Croft in this Animal Farm Foundation blog. “Breed does not dictate a dog’s ability to work.”

While pitties are perfect for working with police, they are also gentle dogs in general and are peaceful by nature — despite having a negative reputation that they don’t deserve. The ASPCA notes pit bulls are beloved family pets — noted for their affection and loyalty. They are easily socialized as puppies to interact with their fellow canines and humans.

Let’s hope that states continue to ban breed-specific legislation which unfairly penalizes innocent dogs.

Kudos to those police departments who recognize what excellent dogs pit bulls are. Because really, pitties are awesome!

Featured image courtesy of the video above

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