Woman Spots Strange Creature Out Of The Corner Of Her Eye—Getting Closer, She Screams For Help

Sometimes the eye can play tricks on you.

Just ask anyone who thought they saw a UFO and were later embarrassed to realize it was merely an optical illusion.

Occasionally, however, what you see is actually there…even if you can’t immediately recognize it.

This is what happened when Laurie Lerner Grey was out riding her horse in Malibu, California.

On a pleasant afternoon, Laurie caught something moving on the edge of her vision, so she turned to look.

That’s when she saw what she thought was a large anteater, at which point she yelled for her husband and neighbor.

But upon closer inspection, Laurie and her local friends realized the creature wasn’t an anteater at all.

Rather, it was a poor female coyote who had gotten her face stuck in a piece of black plastic pipe, and she couldn’t get it off.

That’s when they called local animal rescue but the scared coyote wasn’t easy to capture: It took the team three and a half days to catch her!

The team worked to remove the pipe as quickly and carefully as possible.

But when they got it off, their worst fears were confirmed…the coyote had obviously been in terrible pain for at least a week.

The skin was almost gone around her neck and shoulders, so she obviously needed medical attention.

Dr. Tom and his crew took care of the damaged animal, giving it antibiotics and some TLC.

The coyote slowly recovered and when the time was right, the team reassembled to return her to the wild.

And it was quite the occasion!

When the team opened the crate and set her free, the healthy wild canine sprinted off, obviously rarin’ to go and in high spirits.

These rescuers deserve a pat on the back, as does the woman who originally spotted the “anteater”. 😉

Source: Honest to Paws

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